Pendulum clock stops after a few minutes + 6 tips

Pendulum clock stops after a few minutes + 6 tips

Pendulum clock stops after a few minutes + 6 tips When a clock pendulum swings back and forth, you can actually watch time pass. The movement of the pendulum and the ticking of the clock are a welcome counterpoint to the pace of modern life – until the pendulum stops swinging. Pendulum clocks stop for various reasons, but can usually be restarted. Before contacting a repair shop, see if you can diagnose and fix the problem.

Pendulum Strike

Pendulums should swing freely. If a clock pendulum touches anything during its swing, it will stop. Most often, a pendulum strikes the case after a watch has been moved to a new location. Pendulum clock stops after a few minute, Case strikes are often a problem in grandparent watches. When this occurs, the clock is probably not at sitting level. Using a small piece of flat cardboard under the case to flatten the watch may solve the problem. Usually, the alignment of the grandfather clock is done from side to side, but if that doesn’t work, try from back to front.

Move the pendulum back and forth with your fingers. If you do not hear a ticking sound, the hands of the watch are probably stuck. Gently move your hands with your finger to see if they are touching the dial, the glass, or each other. Gently bend the jammed hand to clear the obstacle. If both hands are stuck, release the minute hand first, then the hour hand.

Mixed Chains

The weight or chain cable may be tangled. Check the weights to see that they hang straight without any bunches on the chain. For watches with multiple weights and chains, such as cuckoo clocks, inspect the chains and weights to make sure they are far apart. If the cuckoo clock chain has fallen off the sprocket, replace it.

Oil and Debris

Dried oil and deposits can clog the clockwork and stop it. Brushing mechanical work with a soft brush, such as a paintbrush, should dislodge any dust or dirt. If dried oil is visible, brush lightly. Restarting the pendulum after putting a few drops of clean oil on the area should get the clock working again.


Sometimes the pendulum stops because the clock movement needs a good cleaning. In other cases, you may need to repair the watch or even replace an old mechanism. Get an estimate for cleaning, repair or a new mechanism before any work is done. Generally, the case is the most valuable part of a watch, with a few exceptions. Some watches have rare mechanisms that have value in and of themselves because of their design or manufacturer. Rare mechanical watches of historical or ancient origin are often cleaned and repaired. For newer or less valuable watches, it is often cheaper to replace a defective movement with a new one.

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