How To Oil A Clock & Prices Starting at $5 & Clock Repair

how to oil a clock

The ease of lubrication and frequency of lubrication for the answer to how to oil a clock depends on several factors. All mechanical clocks can and should be lubricated. The age and type of clock are the two main factors. Most grandpa watches have access panels on the sides or a hood removal feature that reveals the movement. Since modern cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, antique clocks usually have more complex movements, the intervention of an expert is very important. Table, mantle clocks have smaller movements, which makes it more complicated to get to all the lubrication points.

Manufacturers agree that clocks only need to be properly cleaned and lubricated every two years. They also recommend in their manual that this service be done by a professional. Clock repair near me provides you with perfect lubrication and cleaning as well as repair works of all clocks.

Clock Repair and Its Importance

Grandfather clock, cuckoo clock, antique clocks are often passed down from generation to generation. While these masterpieces may seem like they will run forever without fail, they need to be properly maintained with a cleaning and lubrication every few years. The oil, which enables all mechanisms, including gears and bells, to move precisely, becomes abrasive dirt as house dust mixes with the oil. Every clock mechanism is different from each other.

In our clock repair shop, you can have all clocks both cleaned and repaired with a guarantee. For example, when you leave it to our cuckoo clock repair company, all detailed cleaning is done after the repair work is finished.

how to oil a clock

Clock Lubrication

Just as regular oil change prolongs the life of your car's engine, regular lubrication also extends the life of your clock. Lubricating your clock every two years will prevent expensive clock repairs and ensure your clock will last for generations to come. Imagine never changing the oil of your car; It doesn't take long for the engine to take over. Without regular lubrication, your clock will require major service or possibly a new move.

The quality of the clock oil to be used is very important. Please confirm the certificate of the product to be used from the company that will clean and lubricate the clock. Useless structures can damage watches.

how to oil a clock

How To Lubrıcate The Clock's Movement

The first step in lubricating or maintaining watches in general is to make sure you use latex gloves when handling any brass or metal parts. There is acid in the oils of our fingers, and this acid consumes the thin layer of polish when it comes into contact with the brass. clock repair with gloves is very important.

After the mechanism is removed from the case, more than one oil sink on the surface of each clock plate, where the steel arbor ends meet with the clock plate, is carefully and excess oil is used. Between the two clock plates are all clock gears. These gears are held in place by a steel arbor pressed against the clock plate. As the gear rotates, the clock plate is fixed and does not move while the steel arbor rotates.

how to oil a clock

If you have needs such as antique clock repair, grandfather clock repair, you can choose us with prices starting from $5 including cleaning. All clock repair, cleaning and lubrication are guaranteed for life. We mentioned in our how to oil a clock article, you can contact us for all the issues you want us to help you and you can get repair, cleaning and lubrication services on the same day.