How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Wall Clock?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Wall Clock?

Have your clocks stopped working? It could be a waste to retailer or put them away. How much does it cost to repair a wall clock? Grandfather clocks and comparable timepieces could be beneficial antiques, so maybe it is best to restore them as an alternative!

Clock restore prices vary from $35 to $2,500. Most clock specialists present warranties that may last as long as three years, and these already cowl half replacements and labor charges. You can contact us as clock repair near me to have all your watches repaired on the same day. Listed below are worth estimates for clock restore and restoration:

Completely different clocks and their restore prices

Kind Value
Time-only clock $80 to $300
Clock with an hour strike $20 to $400
Clock with an hour strike and tune $80 to $500
Anniversary clock $45 to $200
Cuckoo clock $50 to $400
Picket work clock $30 to $400
Fusee clock $50 to $450
Ship’s bell clock $20 to $350
Carriage clock $50 to $400

Keep in mind these ideas when discovering a handyman so you may work with the suitable skilled to your clock restore.

Particular clock companies and their prices

Service Value
Cuckoo clock overhaul $10 to $400, relying on the variety of weights
Bushing substitute $3 to $30 per bushing
Pivot substitute $5 to $110 per pivot
Extra oil elimination $3 to $50
Grandfather clock cleansing, calibration, and reassembly $10 to $850
Grandfather clock setup $6 to $150
Grandfather clock overhaul $50 to $2,500, relying on the variety of trains
Spring substitute $10 to $30 per spring
Broken tooth restore $10 to $30 per tooth
Gear manufacturing $50 to $250 per gear
Mechanical motion setup $10 to $350, + the price of a brand-new motion
Dwelling-call or at-home clock restore $5 to $100 for the primary 25 miles

$1 to $2 per further mile

What factors have an impact on clock restoration costs?

If you want to know how much it costs to restore grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks and different clocks, keep learning.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Wall Clock?

Clock Order

You will quickly discover many types of watches as they are timeless items. In fact, some watches are heirlooms, objects that have been treasured for generations. What kind of watch can you have? Listed below are some examples to keep you informed:

Kind Description
Mantel/shelf clocks They complement any fire. They’re petite, however they’ve ornate brass or wooden designs to catch individuals’s consideration.

Most mantel clocks have swinging pendulums and are available in French, German, artwork deco, and fashionable types.

Chiming mantel clocks play particular tunes, similar to Westminster Quarters, to mark every quarter-hour.

Wall clocks They’re prevalent in properties and company areas. They provide easy performance, enabling you to rapidly test the time no matter your location within the room.
Carriage clocks They’re small, spring-driven units appropriate for touring. They typically have gilded, rectangular instances with carrying handles paying homage to old style lamps.

Carriage clock restore prices $250 to $475+. This consists of sharpening or lacquering.

Grandfather/flooring clocks They first grew to become popular in the 17th century. They’ve hefty pendulums and could be six to eight ft tall, making them wonderful assertion items.

Though grandfather clocks sometimes have Roman numeral shows, some function Arabic numerals. Grandfather clock restore prices $550 to $2,500.

Cuckoo clocks They’re iconic as a result of they emulate a cuckoo chicken’s name. A mechanical, toy-like chicken pops out each hour and strikes with every cuckoo.

Cuckoo clock repair prices $200 to $400, relying on the variety of weights.


Most watches stop working due to previous lubricating oil of the shaft bores. It may need to be jelly or thickened due to mud. Unlubricated shaft bores fail and stop clean wheel rotation. As such, some watches require meticulous maintenance, while others require an overhaul every seven to 10 years.


Easy lubrication and adjustment starts at $100, but most watch restoration jobs require an overhaul until the expert considers it an easy task. Cleaning alone will not cope with the consequences of wear and tear and wear. An old, dusty clock will likely require an overhaul to function properly.

Experts will examine your watch to determine the points with its horoscope. They will then disassemble the movement or the caliber and unscrew the springs of the watch case when prompted.

Spare components

The price of replacement components for clock restoration will depend on their availability. Unusual components for older products are priced extra. As a result, the hour spring correction prices are perhaps higher than the minute hand correction costs.


Because clock mechanisms are complex, experts use ultrasonic cleaners. They can remove previous grease from the mainsprings by cleaning the pivot holes of your watch. Next, they will install brand new bushings, right worn pivot holes and polish all tracks and plates.

High quality assurance

The restore process also consists of tightening the hooks and click rivets, correcting the gear alignment, reassembling the watch, and finally retesting the product. It usually takes a week to achieve one of the best results.

Other factors affecting clock restoration costs

Different problems can increase, how much does it cost to repair a wall clock? prices, especially if your watch is vintage or worn. Also, for sharpening or polishing your watch’s bezels, pendulums and weights, you can probably request the following companies:

Dial redial

Engraved dials are likely to lose their silver tips. In this case, you can restore them using traditional strategies. The same applies to figures that have lost their black shellac candles. Prices differ for engraved and printed dials.

Priority restore

If you need to restore your watch for an important day or vacation, asking a professional to prioritize the watch can increase the overall price.


Experts also make sure to pack the watch meticulously and ship it to you when you need to relocate. Shipping or insurance coverage protection applies.

Issue a Transaction for clock restore

Total, save time and make sure your beloved classic watch is in good hands. Taskers can enable you to undertake a number of ventures, including repairing household appliances. Post a job, join a nearby Tasker and get an accurate quote in no time.

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