Historical past Lesson: The Chelsea Warehouse Fireplace of 1978

Historical past Lesson: The Chelsea Warehouse Fireplace of 1978

In Could of 1978, solely 5 years after a devastating fireplace destroyed a whole bunch of Chelsea companies, a blazing two-alarm fireplace threatened the very existence of Chelsea Clock. Because the Despair, the lot behind our authentic Everett Road manufacturing facility had been brimming with previous auto salvage — junk components in heaping portions. Through the years as automobiles decayed there, extremely flammable fluids like anti-freeze, gasoline, and battery acid had been making their method into the grounds and the air surrounding the manufacturing facility. On the morning of Tuesday Could 2, 1978, a chemical fireplace years within the making arose out of the wreckage.

As soon as the hearth was underway, it instantly unfold to a shed the place the salvage firm was storing lacquer thinner and isopropyl alcohol. Inside seconds three explosions erupted, and with them Chelsea Clock’s storage constructing went up in flames.

When a second alarm sounded minutes later, fireplace vans from Boston, Everett, Revere, and Winthrop all rushed to the scene. Excessive winds have been fanning the flames, and inside minutes of the explosions, worker automobiles and Chelsea Clock’s warehouse have been nothing however rubble and ash. Longtime worker John McCarthy, who has been with us since 1956, saved the manufacturing facility by activating a WWII-era sprinkler system, sending a wall of water cascading down the rear brick partitions, separating them from warmth and flame. Because of McCarthy and the heroic efforts of the numerous fireplace departments, when the flames have been finally tamed, the constructing stood.

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