Create Personalised Clocks with American Time

Create Personalised Clocks with American Time

Creating personalized clocks with an American time theme can be a fun and creative project. Here are some ideas and steps to help you get started:

Materials Needed:

  1. Clock Mechanism and Hands:

    • Purchase a clock mechanism with hour, minute, and second hands. You can find these at craft stores or online.
  2. Base for the Clock:

    • Choose a material for the clock base. Options include wood, acrylic, or even repurposed materials like old vinyl records.
  3. American Time Theme Elements:

    • Flags, state outlines, iconic landmarks, or patriotic colors (red, white, and blue) can be incorporated into the design.
  4. Art Supplies:

    • Acrylic paints, markers, or digital design tools if you plan to create a custom design.
  5. Protective Coating:

    • Consider using a clear varnish or sealant to protect your artwork and the clock.
  6. Tools:

    • Depending on your base material, you might need tools like a saw, drill, or sandpaper.

Decide on the overall theme for your clock. This could be a patriotic American flag design, a state-specific theme, or a combination of elements representing different aspects of American culture

Cut or shape the base material to the desired size and shape for your clock. Sand the edges for a smooth finish.

If you’re artistic, paint your chosen design directly onto the clock face. Alternatively, you can print out designs and decoupage them onto the base.

Follow the instructions that come with your clock mechanism to attach it to your base. Ensure the hands have enough clearance to move freely

Apply a clear protective coating to seal and protect your artwork. This step helps prevent damage from dust, moisture, and daily wear.

Install the clock hands according to the instructions. Make sure they are centered and pointing to the correct numbers.

Add a hanging mechanism if your clock doesn’t come with one, and find a suitable place to hang or display your personalized American time clock.

Consider adding personal touches, such as engraving a special message on the back or incorporating elements that are meaningful to you.

Remember to let your creativity shine, and feel free to experiment with different materials and designs to create a clock that reflects your style and appreciation for American culture

Free Clock Customization

Whether or not you lead a college, run an organization, or handle a hospital, we make it straightforward to create one-of-a-kind clocks particularly to your services. And we’ll waive the clock customization payment for clock orders of 10 or extra.

For instance, East Aspect Constitution College in Dover, Delaware, enrolls college students from throughout the nation. It is mascot, a dignified bald eagle with wide-spread wings, serves as East Aspect’s proud id, and in addition as the college’s emblem.

So, it made sense that when the college’s clocks wanted changing, East Aspect used our supply to emblazon the eagle on the entire new clocks. The customized clocks construct faculty spirit as college students have a look at them whereas strolling by way of the halls or in school.

The College of Minnesota Masonic Youngsters’s Hospital is aware of how scary hospital visits could be for kids. To match the “Passport to Discovery” theme, the hospital had American Time design 11 totally different dial faces. The safari of animals featured on the hospital’s clocks function lighthearted touchstones, a approach to consolation the younger sufferers and foster a way of continuity.

Customise Clocks

Customization is offered on Energy over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi, Wi-fi, Wired and Battery Analog clocks. You may personalize your clocks along with your identify, emblem, or mascot – or all three – without spending a dime (with a minimal order of 10 clocks). Strive it right here. You may select between wooden, metal, aluminum and molded circumstances.

Customized photos could be submitted as both vector or raster information, though vector information present extra flexibility. One approach to spot a vector file, is by the flexibility to pick out particular person strains or parts inside the artwork. Particular person elements of a raster file can’t be edited as a result of it’s one strong piece, like a photograph can be.

Vector information let you enlarge line artwork as a lot as you need with out degradation of high quality. Raster information, nevertheless, are pixel-based, so if a file is simply too small and also you attempt to make it bigger, the picture will lose decision, and subsequently readability. Vector-based codecs we favor embrace .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .svg. Raster information embrace .jpg, .tif, .png, and .gif.

To be taught extra about utilizing vector and raster information, watch this video.

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