Battery wall clock keeps stopping 4 step

Battery wall clock keeps stopping 4 step – Clock Repairs

When battery-powered watches stop working, it’s usually because of one or more batteries. Battery wall clock keeps stopping 4 step, Either a battery has lost its charge or the battery acid has leaked out, causing corrosion. Most of the time, internal mechanisms such as the wheels, springs and other movements of the watch are not faulty and unaffected. Repairing a battery-powered clock typically comes down to the batteries and battery compartment, clock simplifies repair. Contact us for clock repair near me service.


Stage 1

Open the battery compartment with your fingertips and fingernails or open it using a screwdriver. Check the battery compartment for wear you’ll likely see blue and white or green and white mold “blooms” around the ends of the battery.

step 2

Wear gloves and remove the batteries with tweezers or tongs. Alternatively, lift the batteries by inserting the tip of a screwdriver under them and pressing the lever down.

Stage 3

Clean the battery compartment thoroughly with acetone and a wire brush. Completely free the battery terminals from corrosion; dry with a cloth. Let the partition dry for about 10 minutes; any remaining acetone will evaporate.

Step 4

Put new batteries in the compartment and set the clock to the current time. Close or replace the battery compartment cover and replace the clock.

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