Wristwatch Motion Ring

I just lately had an enquiry from a buyer who was anxious a watch they’d purchased was waterlogged and rusty inside – not an unusual drawback, sadly! Luckily this was not the case, and the motion and dial had been each in good situation – the issue as a substitute was the motion ring was incorrect and too small to assist the motion, and so the final ‘repairer’ (or watchbreaker) had glued the motion into the case and this was seen by the glass. Digging this out to launch the motion was a laborious activity and new motion ring would must be made to carry every part in place appropriately. As you’ll see this isn’t only a easy ring form!

20200316_082248.jpgIMG_20200521_143135.jpgFor the needs of case becoming, a watch motion has three sections, the dial facet, a becoming ‘lip’ and the motion facet, all with completely different dimentions which should be measured precisely to carry the motion within the appropriate place. I began by boring out a bit of bar to suit the motion facet, then I may reduce a wider part for the becoming lip to sit down on. At this stage the gap each above and beneath the motion had been outsized so I may make changes later.
As soon as I used to be completely satisfied the motion fitted snugly, I may reduce a slot for the stem. the crown tube extends into the case, so I reduce a slot that will match round this with a small quantity of motion room, 0.5mm all sides, and 0.25mm above. It was necessary for the highest floor to be left uncut each for power, but additionally as this is able to be seen as soon as the watch was assembled.


As soon as the ring was parted off it could possibly be examined within the case. You’ll be able to see the seat for the motion on the within and that the ‘entrance’ of the ring remains to be oversize and must be introduced stage with the case.

As soon as the crucial dimensions for becoming had been all reached, the subsequent step was to make some small cuts within the again facet, which might enable case screws to securely maintain the motion in place. These had been made will a milling cutter within the Hauser Jig Borer, which allowed me to find the cutter precisely centred with the screw holes.

With all of the machining full I may do a check match within the case with the glass. It appears nice when it comes to match and securely holds the motion in place. At this level the work could possibly be completed, however because the ring was seen I wished to make it match higher with the remainder of the watch – nickel plating would change the color to match the metal, and protects the ring from discolouration sooner or later.









It was a reasonably advanced job to make this element to a excessive customary, however positively well worth the work. Within the photograph above you’ll be able to see the outdated ring was under no circumstances match for the job and it’s a disgrace the earlier repairer had such low requirements. Now it’s been performed correctly the watch may be loved and taken care of appropriately for a few years to return! After the service a brand new Hirsch strap was completed and the watch had a complete new lease of life.