Veterans Day 2016: A Transient Historical past of an Vital American Vacation

Veterans Day 2016: A Transient Historical past of an Vital American Vacation

Veterans Day, initially named Armistice Day, started as an American vacation to commemorate the finish of the primary World Warfare, which came about November 11, 1918. Though celebrated yearly within the years following, Armistice day didn’t really turn into a authorized federal vacation till 1938, when it was formally devoted “to the reason for world peace.”

In 1954, after the turmoil of each World Warfare II and the Korean Warfare, Congress, on the urging of veterans service organizations, amended the Act of 1938 by changing the phrase “Armistice” with “Veterans.” Therefor, in June 1954, November eleventh formally grew to become a day to honor American veterans of all wars and conflicts.

Later, in 1968, with the passing of the Uniforms Vacation Invoice (which ensured three-day weekends for federal staff by celebrating 4 nationwide holidays on Mondays) Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday of October. The primary Veterans Day beneath the brand new legislation was noticed with “a lot confusion” on October 25, 1971 — however sure states that opposed this choice continued to rejoice the vacation on November eleventh as an alternative.

Then on September 20, 1975, President Ford signed a legislation returning the annual observance of Veterans Day to its unique date starting in 1978. Annually since then, this vacation has been noticed on November eleventh.

In honoring all of our veterans this weekend, we’d wish to ship particular because of our Chelsea Clock staff (previous and current) who served our nation so selflessly:


Chelsea  Clock  Firm Navy Veterans

Max Fish (U.S. Military, WWI)

Robert Barnett (U.S. Navy, WWI)

George King (U.S. Navy, WWI)

Russell Gaskill (U.S. Military, WWII)

Nicholas Siraco (U.S. Military, WWII)

Jack Starr (U.S. Military, WWII)

Carroll Reardon (U.S. Military, WWII)

Raymond Hill (U.S. Military, WWII)

Frank Trahey (U.S. Military, WWII)

John Durante (U.S. Military, WWII)

Joseph D’Avella (U.S. Military, WWII)

Nicholas Maffeo (U.S. Military, WWII)

Bruce Jay (U.S. Military, WWII)

John Miggins (U.S. Military, WWII)

Steve Celona (U.S. Military, WWII)

Samuel Gangi (U.S. Military, WWII)

Albert Brown (U.S. Military, WWII)

Charles Perricotti (U.S. Military, WWII)

John Nash (U.S. Military, WWII)

Nurses Harotunian (U.S. Navy, WWII)

Steven Celona (U.S. Navy, WWII)

James Lucey (U.S. Navy, WWII)

Howard Stonehouse (U.S. Navy, WWII)

Donald Pryor (U.S. Air Drive, WWII)

James Duvally (U.S. Air Drive, WWII)

Ray Milliken (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

Henry Barasso (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

Joseph Powers (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

Lyle Packard (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

Benjamin Sordillo (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

Robert  Sterling (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

John McCarthy (U.S. Military, Korean Warfare)

Kenneth Felton (U.S. Military, Vietnam)

Vincent Piasecki (U.S. Military, Vietnam)

Robert Zagarella (U.S. Military, Vietnam)

Bruce Mauch (U.S. Military, Vietnam)

Thomas Eaton (U.S. Military, Vietnam)

Leo Pizzano  Jr., killed  in  the  line  of  responsibility (U.S. Military, Vietnam)

John Noseworthy, killed in the line of Responsibility (U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam)

Frank DiFrancesco (U.S. Military, Desert Storm)

Robert Seronick (U.S. Military, Desert Storm)

Particular because of veteran John McCarthy for compiling this record.

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