Timing Washers – Massive Changes to Watch Timekeeping

Generally the timekeeping of a watch will likely be very flawed even after a service – a number of minutes a day. If a watch is gaining a considerable amount of time, there’s a resolution – ‘Timing Washers’. These are minuscule and exactly manufactured quantities of fabric, designed to be added in pairs to timing screws of specific sizes of balances to have an effect on the speed a recognized quantity (normally 1, 2 or 3 minutes per day). You don’t should be an knowledgeable to see from the Witchi Timegrapher under that there’s something not proper!

IMG_20200629_135946.jpgWith a purpose to match these washers, a particular sort of pin vice is used to grip the stability screws.
IMG_20200629_134306.jpgIMG_20200629_135711.jpgAs soon as they’re fitted, the rise in weight mixed with the pinnacle of the screw being farther from the centre of the stability wheel alters the inertia of the stability such that it slows down. To anybody wanting on the motion and not using a loupe, the change will likely be virtually invisible, however the distinction could be very clear on a Timegrapher.