Repairing Bent Barrel Pinion Gear and Why They Occur

These barrel gears are common in all makes of wall regulators, specifically these from round 1860 – 1920. Its s easy however reasonably ropey different to having to chop the pinions into the shaft and avoids sophisticated consturction strategies. You merely mount two bushes on the shaft after which stick pins between them. The entire thing could possibly be carried out with hand instruments and picture a variety of it was though there are apparent alternatives for batch manufacturing these.

As a result of the motion appear like they have been produced to a worth its pretty apparent they have been utilizing pretty tender metal for the shafts as effectively. This what occurs.

The pins within the pinion gear put on over time and bend. Like uri-geller over 50 years. Ultimately they bend a lot they dont mesh correctly with the cog that the are pushed by. This often means the motion goes bang sooner or later because the pin breaks of bend a lot that the driving cog slips. How briskly and the way badly this results issues is dependent upon the pressures concerned on the time – its often on a full wound which is sort of spectacular.

To repair this there isn’t a fast methodology. Its out with the entire thing and bend the shaft straght. New the previous pins want extracting after which their diameter measured. New stainless pins  have to be made and the barrel crimpted again collectively.

This sounds a bit like I’m saying the clock is inferior. I dont see it that approach. For me, as a repairer, its good frequent sense engineering as a result of the eventual destruction is restricted to the pinion gear because the weak level. In mounted / lower pinions the identical failure of tooth integrity often destroys each cogs. In addtion the tollerances on the barrel pinion are increased – its a rougher match fairly frankly BUT the clock is designed for this tough match with stronger springs.

Everybody appears to chase refinement in clock manufacturing however in phrases “time for the mass market” these clocks  have been, and are, good stable staff in engaging understated instances. Its not shock to me that the trendy actions popping out of China in the meanwhile (which are bulletproof) have additionally gone again to nineteenth century design ideas.

Heres one from Sue’s 1920’s regulator Im doing in the meanwhile. Discover the bend on the shaft and the curve on the pins within the pinion. The pinion goes first after which because the gears bounce the shaft is bent. The shaft might be straightened manually as there, once more, is tollerance within the shaft match to the plates. All makes excellent sense to me however many disagree. They’re mistaken.

Individuals have requested me if they will simply ship me the broken piece. Ufortuately not – I want the entire clock as its usually a few fails in the beginning meshes appropriately and delivers a stable repair and dependable restore.