Good Epping 1725 Brass Face – Service (!!) and Face Restoration!


Okay so there have been plenty of exclamation marks in that heading. The rationale for that is that this grandfather clock got here to me for restore and restoration as just about a barn discover. A “service” isn’t actually what went on right here to get this working.

A consumer had the widespread sense to snap it up regardless of its situation. I’d like to say it is because he learn my final weblog publish, however alas, this isn’t the case – simply an enormous coincidence.

At any fee I believed I’d put up a “earlier than image” up as I plan to do a observe up article displaying the completed job. I want I had remembered to take a photograph of the spider and dirt infested motion which is now clear as Im half manner by way of the job. The rationale I didnt was as a result of, fairly frankly, I wasnt positive if this one was truly going to run. The escapement enamel had been bent and the cog was mounted 3″down the motion plate which could be very odd. Additionally the escapement wheel itself is just about 70% of the diameter you’ll count on in a “commonplace” clock design. The entire thing regarded underpowered and delicate to adjustments within the energy supply usually. That was till I realised the weights had been Victorian replacements and the unsuitable measurement. I swapped them out for the precise articles and its operating positive now on take a look at. Thats the factor with these non-runner barn finds – you might be by no means fairly positive in case you are coping with one clock or a Frankenstien of a number of clocks reanimated in a windmill by a lighting bolt 100 years earlier (by no means to work once more).

So, the face could be very “London” however the motion has its personal character of design. It exhibits, very ineterestingly, how even early on the makers began to play with the design to see if they may higher it. On this occasion it seems to have occurred as quickly because the maker was launched from apprenticeship and went to increase into the London supra-region and additional. It simply exhibits issues dont actually change at a human stage. For those who try to maintain folks again from innovating you wont have the ability to take action for lengthy.  Epping was a city exterior London at the moment and so the Guilds affect begins to be deviated from on this clock because of this. Its not dramatically completely different and its all the identical cogs doing the identical factor however barely in another way put collectively, and really, in a extra wise manner from some respects. I take advantage of the phrase repect accordingly – its a great job. As an example, the rack has an L formed bend that replaces the cease peg association you usually discover – why did no one else do that? Its an amazing thought that’s stronger and simpler to supply. However then….guilds.

Once I get a extremely previous clock like this in I have a tendency to not overdo the clear. Its as a result of the brass plate is commonly badly combined alloy. You see this on actually previous grandfathers quite a bit. There are seen patches on the plate the place copper is the dominant color versus the brass gold lustre you’ll count on. That is solely exacerbated by a chemical clear with the kind of fairly aggressive compounds you must use to get a “excessive shine” I’ve discovered. Earlier than trendy chemistry within the nineteenth century the chemical compounds utilized in clock cleansing took off the highest layer of oxidation from the varied surfaces, nonetheless, because of the infancy of metallurgy and the price of the supplies concerned the combination of copper and zinc may usually be in a raspberry ripple type the place one ingredient, zinc or copper, was the extra dominant ingredient in a selected space of the plate. Acid loves consuming zinc however not copper so it eats into the zinc first on the floor leaving the largely inert copper atoms. That is usually the explanation the plates seem to have copper patches on them the place acidic cleansing compounds have been used up to now centuries.

Im going to bang on about this for a bit. Copper is a very troublesome steel to dissolve with acids and is among the two metals within the alloy brass; the opposite being zinc. You could bear in mind from faculty that copper solely actually reacts with nitric acid so in cleansing brass plate a nitric acid based mostly cleaner will skim the atoms of copper and zinc off on the similar time.

Nitric acid [HNO3] is troublesome to make. Specifically in concentrated kind. Hydrochloric acid [HCL] alternatively is solely made by passing chlorine, an apparent inexperienced fuel produced in lots of reactions, by way of water. I feel its extremely possible that HCL was used as a cleansing agent early on in these clocks service historical past which explains why poorly alloyed brass exhibits as patchy copper on most of the actually early clocks. HCL will simply dissolve the zinc, not the copper, which stays on the floor of the plate as if the plate was copper plated!.

Aside from its early metallurgy the clock additionally exhibits its age in its handcrafted qualities. You’ll be able to see the file and lower marks, and no two elements, equivalent to bridge screws, are the identical.

Are you able to think about that at this time?, one thing handcrafted as a result of it’s troublesome, not as a result of it simply provides value worth. Its very onerous to seek out one thing handcrafted today. The time period is used for “hand assembled” in lots of instances and I feel Morgan Vehicles are in regards to the final large firm to worth the abilities required to make the automobile greater than the benefits of larger manufacturing.

In time, after the subsequent photo voltaic flare that wipes most pc knowledge and returns us to the Victorian period, Morgan and firms like them would possibly do even higher than they’re at this time i.e. nonetheless make vehicles when the iphones driving all the opposite vehicles turn out to be door stops and drinks coasters.  Im simply ready for that photo voltaic flare fairly frankly. Unwell be a God within the publish apolocalypitic world. Take away most peoples computer systems and they’re, as people, economically functionless. Unwell nonetheless be mending clocks, and with out clocks its actually onerous to organise something in any respect. All you’ll have to do is use me on Google and….ahhhh I feel I could have noticed a flaw in my plan.

However, I really like this. It actually makes you are feeling like you might be engaged on historical past and are accountable for carrying it ahead. This clock was made 300 years in the past by an individual. He signed it. He has his immortality in my fingers.

That is specifically the case on this occasion. The consumer has performed the analysis on this one and located just one different clock by this maker on public file. So this might be the final clock of his sooner or later.

Anyway this one is getting a bit extra love than the others though its hardly attainable as I am going bananas about something pre-1740 for causes I printed in my final article. Clocks within the first 80 years or so of Grandfather manufacturing inform the entire story – a visible nexus of historic info and provenance.

Heres the chemical response for copper with nitric acid. As a result of Im a geek.

*4 HNO3(l) + Cu(s) ==> Cu(NO3)2(s and aq) + 2 NO2(g) + 2 H2O(l)

The letters l, s, aq, & g seek advice from the state of every compound, l is liquid, s is strong, g is fuel and aq means dissolved in water. Boring. Sorry.

Be aware that the ratio of Nitric Acid to Copper for this response is 4:1 or it doesnt proceed. That info you will have if it’s good to makes some laughing fuel. To do that get some conc Nitric and stick some 2p’s in it. A brown fuel comes off. That is laughing fuel for probably the most half.

Or learn a humorous e book which could be very a lot much less harmful. Infact simply go away it. You’ll have to anyway as you cant purchase Nitric acid anymore resulting from its use in unlawful drug manufacture – its all licenced and tracked and massive brothered to an Orwellian diploma. 10 years in the past you would purchase it by the gallon and have it delivered.

Personally, excluding trendy prescribed drugs, general we have now gone backward technologically for my part.

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