My grandfather clock stops after 4 or 5 days however works completely

Okay this text was impressed by a clockist who got here to me with a issues he simply couldnt work out.

He introduced the motion in for us to take a look at and see if two heads and many others.

The motion was good and accurately arrange. It functioned underneath take a look at properly and there was completely nothing flawed with it in any respect. But it stopped after 5 days on what ought to be an 8 day cycle. Ive seen this a number of instances and the primary time I encountered the issue it was infurating. I needed to return to the purchasers home on two events as a result of the issue would happen someday inside a 3 hour timeframe after about 5 days.

I had opened the clock on every go to to see what is perhaps flawed with the weights. They appeared superb on the primary occassion after which on the second I observed one thing.

To clarify. Nearly all lengthy case clocks are fitted with externally mounted doorways. They’re successfully a plank over an barely smaller appeture. This creates a ledge on the within of the clock wall when the door is closed.

As youve in all probability guessed what was occurring was that the the sting of the load was catching on the ledge within the clock and simply sitting there. Theproblem wasnt obvious on the clock I checked out as a result of the weights had been gentle and the clock strings had been holding them upright despite the fact that a lot of the weight was on the shelf. The end result was weights that appeared like they had been doing the job however secretly had one foot off the scales on the again! (so to talk).

Ive revealed this text as a result of since then Ive seen this rather a lot. It occurs when clocks get moved and are set in place leaning very barely ahead or the top is repositioned too far forwards or each.

So in case you simply moved you clock and it solely runs for a number of days test every little thing is so as as above earlier than you name me. Then, if this seems to be the issue, you may textual content me on 07462 269529 with “5 DAY FIX DONE” and ailing replace this text if I get any only for fun.  The purpose is that for each textual content I get I assure there could have been an extended interval of consternation about what the bloody hell is happening with their clock  – its a tough one to identify.