DIY Cuckoo Clock | Crafts for Youngsters

A cuckoo clock is a pendulum-regulated kind of clock that creates an hourly cuckoo sound and a popping cuckoo hen. Crafting a DIY cuckoo clock generally is a enjoyable problem that will stimulate your inventive juices and might function an thrilling do-it-yourself undertaking to do along with your youngsters.

Although constructing a coo coo clock could sound a bit superior, this tutorial will stroll you thru step-by-step.

So what are you ready for? Begin gathering the supplies from the listing under and lets begin creating an attractive DIY clock!


Materials Listingcoo coo clock craft materials

Required supplies for this DIY undertaking:

  • A number of colours of crafting felt
  • The clock mechanism from an outdated wall clock or alarm clock
  • A cardboard from a used field
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A cutter or an X-acto knife
  • A pair of scissor
  • A pair of small, pointed-end scissor
  • A yarn of any coloration
  • A crochet thread
  • An extended nostril plier
  • A soda can tab
  • A sizzling glue

The method of this do-it-yourself (DIY) undertaking was divided into three main elements: Constructing the cuckoo clock’s physique or the birdhouse, Including the clock mechanism, and Designing the cuckoo hen and clock weights.

Your daughter or son can assist contribute all through all the exercise, nonetheless incorporating the clock mechanism generally is a bit tough so that you might need to deal with most of these steps.

Constructing the Cuckoo Clock Physique

Step 1:  Do some measurements for the entrance face of the cuckoo home on a chunk of cardboard. Draw a proper triangle on the higher one-third of the rectangle that may function the roof a part of the home. The measurements used for this one are the next: Size=17.5 cm; Top=24.5 cm (rectangle in portrait orientation) and the size of the best triangle=12 cm. Begin measuring the ends of the best triangle on the peak of 15.5 cm from the underside.

Step 2: Repeat step #1 so you could have two an identical items of cardboard. That is the entrance and the rear face of the home.

Step 3: Draw and lower two rectangles which might be 15.5 cm in size and seven.5 cm in width. These two rectangles are used to cowl the edges of the cuckoo clock home.

Step 4:  Draw a window on the higher center portion of the entrance face of the home utilizing a pencil, then lower a window gap primarily based on the drawing made.

Step 5: Create a gap within the center backside a part of the entrance face cardboard utilizing a pointy pointed object (e.g. a pair of a scissor). That is the place the clock mechanism will go, so be certain that the outlet is sufficiently big.


Step 6: Minimize a medium-sized rectangle on the center backside a part of the rear face cardboard. It’s going to function an entry to the again portion of the clock mechanism everytime you change the battery of the clock.

Step 7: Measure and lower the crafting felt for the physique of the entrance going through cardboard (ie. the one with the window). We used a pink crafting felt for this undertaking, however you could use no matter color you would like.

Step 8: Glue the crafting felt on the cardboard, then trim the surplus felt hanging off the edges. You need it to be precisely the identical measurement, no overhang.

Step 9: Minimize a gap for the window, however be sure that the crafting felt will appear to be window shutters.

Step 10: Minimize and glue the identical crafting felt that was used to cowl the entrance, to the 2 rectangular cardboard items.

Step 11: Generously glue one rectangle on the aspect of the entrance face cardboard. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

Step 12: Glue the rear face cardboard to the 2 rectangular cardboards to shut within the construction of the cuckoo home.

Step 13: Minimize 2 purple felt strip with a width of at the very least 3 cm, and the peak of the aspect panels of the cuckoo home.

Step 14: Glue the purple strips to wrap the FRONT corners of the home. These strips will emphasize the posts of the home and can additional intensify the general options of the cuckoo clock.

Step 15: Minimize one other piece of a rectangle from the remaining cardboard to create a roof for the home. Take the precise measurement utilizing a ruler and use this as a reference to chop the oblong roof. Fold the oblong cardboard within the center and take a look at it on the home if it suits effectively. You will have just a little overhang on the edges and alongside the entrance of the cuckoo home, however not very a lot on the rear. 

Step 16: Minimize and glue a chunk of brown crafting felt on the cardboard roof. Trim any extra felt hanging over the perimeters.

Step 17: Place and generously glue the roof on high of the home.

Step 18: Minimize a strip of black crafting felt that’s at the very least 3 cm in width. Scorching glue the black strip alongside the peek of the roof.

Step 19: Run a skinny glue on the hinges of the felt flap on the window. This can maintain the home windows partially open. Do that on each side of the window.

Step 20: Minimize a chunk of purple felt that may match on the within of the window shutters. Glue the purple felt items on the pink flaps of the window.

Step 21: Add particulars on the window pane. Minimize skinny strips of white crafting felt and completely place it on the window shutters utilizing sizzling glue.

Incorporating The Clock Mechanism

Step 1: Rigorously take away the palms of the clock from its mechanism utilizing lengthy nostril pliers. Take away all of the nut screws within the center that function the holding construction of the entire clock to the physique.

Step 2: Insert the clock mechanism physique behind the outlet made within the entrance face of the home.

Step 3: Minimize a medium-sized circle from a blue-green crafting felt that might completely match on the backside a part of the home that’s provisioned for the physique of the clock. Create a round gap within the center to present technique to the palms of the clock.

Step 4: Place the circle felt and lock the clock mechanism in place by putting the nut screw on the protruded a part of the clock mechanism.

Step 5: Glue the circle crafting felt into place. This can function the clock’s face.

Step 6: Minimize 4 orange circles and 4 smaller inexperienced circles. Glue the small and the large circle collectively. These circles will signify the three, 6, 9, and 12 digits of the clock. Glue them onto the clock face of their respective positions.

Step 7: Minimize eight items of small yellow circles and glue two items of it in between the large circles. These circles will signify the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11 digits of the clock face.

Step 8:  Rigorously return the palms of the clock on its mechanism.

Designing the Cuckoo Chicken and Clock Weights

Step 1: Minimize a small piece of a rectangle that may match within the window. Cowl the small rectangle with a brown felt since this may function the cuckoo’s standing platform in a while.

Step 2: Glue the standing platform on the underside portion of the window.

Step 3: Minimize two rectangular items from the purple crafting felt. That is the cuckoo’s physique. It’s possible you’ll choose to make use of different colours if you want.

Step 4: Line a skinny glue on the edges of the rectangular and put the 2 oblongs collectively. There ought to be a gap and an affordable quantity of house within the center portion of the rectangular for the filling to be positioned inside.

Step 5: Minimize the scrap felt items and place it within the cuckoo’s physique. Seal the opening with a skinny line of glue.

Step 6: Add particulars to the hen. Minimize a pair of wings, a pair of eyes, nostril and a pair of legs and glue it on the physique afterward. Use totally different colours of crafting felt and be inventive!

Step 7: Glue the hen on the small platform within the window.

Step 8: Create small items of crafting felt meals. These will be your youngsters’ favourite meals and it could possibly be something from apple, ice cream to grapes. and so on. –> Glue the miniature felt meals on the edges of the clock.

Step 10: Wrap the yarn tightly round your fingers. A tassel will likely be created because the hanging object of the clock’s pendulum, so you should use two, three and even 4 fingers for this to create a measurement that may suit your choice. Take away the yarn while you attain a substantial thickness of the yarn along with your fingers.

Step 11: Wrap one finish of the yarn with a crochet thread and lower the alternative finish of the yarn to create unfastened ends. Trim some yarn items to acquire a uniformly lower tassel. Repeat this course of to make a whole second tassel. The crochet thread on one tassel piece ought to be longer in comparison with the opposite tassel. Tie the 2 tassels collectively, creating loops on the ends of it.

Step 12: Minimize a small brown felt sq. and create a gap within the center. Insert the looped finish of the tassel’s crochet thread into the outlet within the sq. felt. Generously place a glue on the sq. felt since this may help the hanging of the weights from the clock physique.

Step 13: Rapidly place the brown sq. with tassels on the internal, center portion of the clock’s roof. Maintain the brown felt in place till the glue has dried.

Step 14: Place and generously glue the soda can tab on the rear mid-upper portion of the roof. It’s going to help the hanging of the cuckoo clock to the wall.

Step 15: Your DIY cuckoo clock is now completed and prepared for hanging!

Congratulations and at last you could have your individual fantastically crafted DIY cuckoo clock. It is a DIY undertaking that you just and your youngsters ought to be happy with. Particularly for those who used your individual distinctive color scheme, you probably ended up with a really trendy cuckoo clock. The cuckoo clock will be positioned in your daughter’s/son’s bed room and even in your lounge or kitchen. Simply add a battery to the clock via the outlet within the again and you’re good to go. You may additionally change the general design of the clock particularly in case your daughter needs some flowers on it or your son needs some stars and moon on it – something is feasible simply so long as you’re inventive sufficient to discover. The design potentialities are infinite.

Had enjoyable creating this cool DIY undertaking? Why not share us your work and who is aware of? Perhaps we will function it someday. Can’t wait to see your stunning outputs!

Your youngsters could have simply created a craft so good, you would possibly even be interested by shopping for a cuckoo clock your self!