David Smith From The Quinpongfangdong province of China. Or India. In all probability.

I might like to get suggestions from my readers and reply questions and suchlike. I attempted it once I launched the weblog and whereas I obtained some good feedback I used to be besieged with…

“herro good day sir madam, my nam is David Smith. We like weblog for good cause. Many good story assist me greater. Superb knowledgeable. Many comfortable. please go to www.PornDe#th_Kill_0908809809808098.co.virus”

I used to be getting a minimum of 5 of those a day from individuals employed, I might guess overseas, to create hyperlinks to my web site to ensure that google rank their very own web sites larger.  I had a have a look at this and thought there have to be a way of stopping it. There isnt. Except you wish to drive individuals by means of a registration system after they wish to submit on the weblog.

Simply e mail me – easy. The choice is for me to need to log onto the web site, go into administration to approve your request, go to your remark, approve it, do this once more for everybody who has commented and endlessly undergo… computing. I’m not doing it.

Im no large fan of computer systems to be sincere.  I’m the primary to confess they’re an unlucky necessity with which I couldn’t do with out. That doesn’t cease me despising them more often than not. If I had it my approach we might talk by semaphore tower relays and drive clockwork automobiles wound up at treadmills pushed by a slave military of David Smiths and his web colleagues.