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Comitti Clock Restore

I’ve nothing however reward for this clock. I dont get to work on many nicely engineered trendy clocks as they final a minimum of 50 years earlier than something wants changing. On this event the clock had been “repaired” by any individual else and so they had not mounted the mainspring within the barrel appropriately. Due to this fact, when the ratchet gave out on the winding spindle the stress lowered to zero and the tip of the spring didn’t catch its loop within the barrel. The impact of this was the spring slipping again after a few winds i.e. no energy.

Basicly this meant taking the entire clock fully to bits which is an extended and gradual job. Having mentioned this the design of this clock made the job notably straight ahead. It was the little high quality touches such because the mounting of the chime bars that made an enormous distinction.

In case your pondering of shopping for a brand new or second hand clock then take a look at a Comitti as they appear to be very nicely engineered. Different trendy clocks I work on typically have a third celebration motion and are all brass and boasting whereas these Comitti clocks are the true deal – they make the entire thing (very nicely).

Count on the pay low 1000’s but in addition count on to get your moneys-worth. Good clocks.

Heres an image of its bare fabulousness!