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Adjusting for Daylight Saving Time: Troubleshooting Clock Ideas

AdobeStock_64171203With Daylight Saving Time (DST) developing, it’s possible you’ll uncover that a few of your clocks don’t alter correctly after the change occurs. Consequently, you could possibly find yourself coping with worker or workers complaints, courses or shift modifications which may be off, and upkeep groups which can be slowed down with work orders.

To organize, listed here are some fast troubleshooting suggestions for clocks that don’t alter appropriately for DST.


1.  Take away from energy supply

That is the basic “unplug it and plug it again in” method. Nonetheless, it’s essential to do that to make sure that a wired clock is syncing appropriately and prepared for the time change. Unplug it and wait an hour earlier than plugging it again in. It ought to re-sync because it receives the time sign. This course of that might take as much as 24 hours, relying on the kind of clock.

For a wi-fi clock, take away the battery and look forward to the clock to come back to an entire cease earlier than reinstalling the battery. The clock ought to re-sync routinely inside 24 hours.

2.  Examine connections

Be sure that the connections are strong and tight. This consists of energy cables, antennas and plugs.

3.  Battery life

If you’re operating battery-powered clocks, examine the battery life. If the voltage is healthier than 1.5 volts, the batteries ought to survive the time change with out issues. In the event that they must be modified, be sure to use all new batteries.

4.  Examine system settings

Be sure that your system settings are dialed in. That features checking that your system controller shows the right time, time zone and DST setting.

5.  Examine community settings

You must also examine the clock’s community settings. Here is the best way to examine these settings for numerous clock varieties:

  • Wi-Fi clocks – Examine your community settings together with SSID, passphrase and time server.

  • PoE (Energy over Ethernet) clocks – Examine your community time servers and the cables operating out of your community to the clock.

  • SiteSync IQ Wi-fi clocks: Examine the ability on the system controller.

In case your clocks nonetheless fail to regulate for DST, contact our clocks specialists at 1-800-328-8996. We will likely be glad to assist!

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